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Seagate DFL-SRP Firmware Repair Tool
Seagate DFL-SRP Firmware Repair Tool

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Details: With the Seagate DFL-SRP Firmware Repair Tool, users are able to operate on Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, .9 and below and also the new F3 family including the latest Seagate 7200.14 hard drives. Seagate DFL-SRP offers the following functions and solutions for all above families:

1, Repair two hard drives at the same time;
2, Full hdd tests;
3, Adding common commands(ATA & COM commands) easily and manually for easier and direct execution by simple clicks;

4, Read/write firmware modules;
5, Read/write ROM;
6, Read/Write SA areas;
7, Read/Write tracks;

8, Read/Write CP;
9, Auto Get HDD ID Info and display in details;
10, Adjustable baud rate and users are able to set to max when trying to read modules/tracks/SA/ROM;

11, Seagate Common failure solutions/fast solutions for data recovery purpose;
12, Sector view/editing;
13, Adaptive data editing and control;
14, View and Clear defects list/Format;
15, Smart Operations;
16, Translator operations;

17, F3 Adaptive ROM generation by loading ROM from the patient hard drive and donor hard drive. This is one creative and unique feature by Dolphin Data Lab and it’s especially useful when users swap heads of F3 hard drives. After swapping heads of F3, the original ROM will be incompatible and now users can save time and maximize the Seagate F3 head swap success rate by writing this generated adaptive ROM;

18, Unlock password protected hard drives