Data Recovery Training

1 Day Introductory Course 19th June, 2017
1 Day Introductory Course 19th June, 2017

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Details: This exclusive 1 day course takes attendees through the basics of hard disk drives through to an exposure to advanced data recovery processes and techniques using both software and hardware tools.
We will introduce you to hard drive firmware and key modules and show how important HDD firmware is to the health of your hard drive and specifically to data recovery.
This course will show you techniques that you can use in house to identify and repair simple PCB fault related problems.
Gain an exposure to more complex problems and solutions including head swap techniques as well as platter inspection.
This is a great course for anyone who has an interest in IT and wishes to have a greater understanding of how a modern laptop or PC hard drive works, as well as PC technicians that wish to offer hard drive repair and recovery as a service.