Data Recovery Training

5 Day Foundation Course 19th June - 23rd June, 2017
5 Day Foundation Course 19th June - 23rd June, 2017

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Details: Our 5 Day Course is Designed to Jump Start your DR Career
Learn Hints, Tips and Tricks to Repair more Data Recovery Cases Quicker
Full introduction to Logical , Firmware and Physical Hard Drive Recoveries Including Head and Platter Repairs

Based on DFL Toolset but general knowledge for all DR Tools

5 Day Course Details:

Day 1
Introduction to Data Recovery
1.01 What is Data Recovery?
1.02 When Data Recovery is not possible
1.03 Dismantle modern drive and identify all components including head, platter, pre amp, platters , motor
1.04 Understanding LBA, CHS, SPT
1.05 Diagnose HDD Problem by Sound
1.06 Introduction to MHDD
1.07 Understanding File Systems – MFT , DBR
1.08 Diagnose and Solve TVS PCB problems
1.09 Introduction to software for Data Recovery including Winhex and R-Studio
1.10 Understanding Logical, Firmware & Physical Problems
1.11 Introduction to Firmware including ROM, PLIST, GLIST
1.12 Introduction to Common DR terminology
1.13 Introduction to PCB replacement and PCB Swap
1.14 Diagnose Attendees Hard Drives
Day 2
Logical Recoveries, Hard Disk Imaging and Common Firmware Problems and Solutions
2.01 Introduction to logical recoveries using R-Studio, Data Compass and DFL- DPP
2.02 Logical Recoveries including Deleted partitions, RAW partitions, RAW Recovery, Scan MFT
2.03 Add Custom Headers for RAW recovery
2.04 Introduction to hardware Disk Imaging
2.05 Disk Imaging using Selective Head Imaging, Forward Imaging, Reverse Imaging, Partition Imaging, MFT File Imaging
2.06 Disk Imaging using Forward and Reverse Imaging
2.07 Disk Imaging using Multipass Imaging
2.08 Partition Imaging
2.09 File and MFT Imaging
2.10 Hardware Disk Imaging using Deepspar DDI, DFL-DPP, Data Copy King, SD Data Compass
2.11 Diagnose Attendees Hard Drives
Day 3
Introduction to Diagnosis and Repair of Seagate Hard Drives
3.01 Seagate Firmware Introduction
3.02 Identify Families Seagate Hard Drives 7200.10 and Before
3.03 7200.11 , 12, 13 , 14
3.04 7200.10 Common Problems and Solution
3.05 7200.10 Selfscan
3.06 7200.11,12,13,4 Common Problems and Solutions
3.07 Seagate PCB and ROM Swap
3.08 Introduction to Hitachi Firmware
3.09 Introduction to Hitachi NVRAM
3.10 Hitachi NVRAM and ROM PCB Swap
3.11 Diagnose Attendees Hard Drives
Day 4
Introduction to Diagnosis and Repair of Western Digital Hard Drives
4.10 Introduction to Western Digital Families
4.20 How to identify Familes
4.30 Introduction to WD Rom
4.40 How to identify ROM
4.50 Inspection of ROM and Modules with Hex Viewer
4.60 Introduction to WD Modules
4.70 Introduction to Key Data Recovery Modules
4.80 Introduction to Safe/Kernel Mode for WD 2.5” and 3.5” hard Drives
4.90 Introduction to Loader Module for WD HDD’s
4.10 How to identify Corrupted/Missing/Mismatch ATA11 and ROM
4.11 How to Regenerate ATA 11
4.12 How to Regenerate MOD
4.13 Using Hotswap technique to repair Western Digital hard Drives
4.14 Western Digital PCB and Rom Swap
4.15 Introduction to External Rom Programmer
4.16 Introduction to Western Digital USB Hard Drives and Data recovery Techniques
4.17 Diagnose Attendees Hard Drives
Day 5
Physical Problem and Solutions
5.10 Revision PCB Swap and Chip Swap
5.20 Introduction to Stiction
5.30 Stiction Examples and Solutions
5.40 Introduction to Donor Sourcing for PCB and Heads
5.50 Introduction to Head Swap Techniques
5.60 Hands on Head Swap 2.5” Hard Drive
5.70 Hands on Head Swap 3.5” Hard Drive
5.80 Clean Room Practise Head Swap 2.5”
5.90 Clean Room Practise Head Swap 3.5”
5.10 Introduction to Platter Scratches
5.11 Platter Scratches Problems and Solutions and discussions
5.12 Diagnose Attendees Hard Drives
5.13 Revision of all Data Recovery Techniques
5.14 Certificate Presentation